English for Chinese speakers: pretty bad

I'm doing the course English for Chinese speakers now, and it's so full of mistakes. Are these ever going to be fixed?

"The" in Chinese: 这, 那, 这些, and 那些 mean "this", "that", "these" and "those". They cannot be used as "the", which is an article that doesn't exist in Chinese.

"It" in Chinese 它 means "it", but this word isn't used nearly as much in Chinese as it is in English. Saying "It rains" in Chinese makes no sense, therefore the "it" is dropped, and instead you only say "Rains". But in the Duolingo course there are hundreds of sentences with "it" that basically sound ridiculous in Chinese.

Several of the sentences in the course are flat out wrong, using words incorrectly in Chinese. It's clear the course was designed by someone who isn't actually fluent in Chinese.

I'm reporting mistakes when I see them, but reading comments from other Chinese speakers -- sometimes posted more than three years ago -- it doesn't look as if this is ever going to be improved.

April 28, 2019

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WARNING: My Englsh is really terrible. Frist: now the duolingo chinese community is really terrible, very cold and nearly no post, that we can know although there lots of people is using dolingo chinese courses, dont really lots people care about improove. the chinese duolingo forum even has the very ovbious advertisement is still exist and didn't get deleated. this is really making people disappointed
The another things you need to know is the chinese grammar and word is very different with english. lots of english and chinese word has no direct translation- this is the things that you must need to understand. but yes, i has watched the duolingo chinese to english course, that is really making people fear because the note sheet (lightblub button) is really long, very long. unfortunely, as i say, my english is very very terrible esepcially grammar and spelling. im helpless of that.
the duolingo chinese forum has already died, noone is joining the mantaince of chinese to english is the major reason.
mabie you think im here is just talking shits, or (I know my mother is a girl!) , but that is shows hows hopeless of duolingo chinese. I am still using english to learn Spanish.

May 2, 2019
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