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New Vocab Section

First of all, I really love the new vocabulary section, so to whoever made this possible - thank you!!! :)

However, I've encountered a couple of minor problems:

  1. It takes ages loading the vocabulary. My computer hasn't managed to show me all the Spanish words I've learnt so far.

  2. I also would prefer to have the Spanish words and the English translation on one page. There could be an option to conceal the translation if you think that's necessary.

  3. A download or print option for the vocabulary would also be nice, but not as important as the two other points I mentioned.

July 17, 2012



Thanks! We're about to fix #1 and #2.

<h1>3 A print option for vocabulary will be nice.</h1>


I too would love to see a print or export feature in the vocab section. I would love to practice vocabulary while idle during the day and I can't do that with the current practice sessions on my phone. Either exporting and making my own flash cards or an app that takes the words you learned and allows you to quickly run through vocab, would be powerful.


I'd like to add my thanks - this is indeed a great feature.

I'm pretty sure it's not getting the memory levels right, though. For example abogado and agente, which cropped up a couple of time under professions are both rated at strength 4, whereas alumno from the same section but reinforced elsewhere is only rated 1. The very common preposition a is also only rated at 1. Comida which also appears regularly and I saw yesterday shows up as a new word last practiced 4 weeks ago.

As a refinement, I think it would also be handy to allow a sort on strength. That would allow you to pick out the weaker words for more practice.

Once again, congratulations on the feature, and I hope this helps to improve it.


What about #3?


I agree a print option would be really nice...thanks for your work anyway


What I would really love to see is new kinds of exercises. Something creative and fun to learn vocabulary, especially interesting nouns and verbs.

Puzzles, matching, word search, crosswords, sentence building from given vocabulary (i.e. write a sentence using the word x). Anything to add some freshness to the duolingo lessons -- especially the vocabulary lessons. They're just the same as the main lessons right now.

Also would be nice to be able to sort the words by type, category etc. (eg. nouns vs verbs, animals vs. household)


been using the iphone app for a while now and LOVE it. first time on the website and just discovered the very cool vocab section :-D. what a treat!

please please PLEASE say that it's coming to the app in the near future!


Thanks! I didn't expect such a quick reply :)


A print option for the vocabulary is almost essential for most of us to continue learning. Please add this! It can be a list with meanings or a flash card option as some online classes have.

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