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  5. "Hapendi mchezo wa mwalimu."

"Hapendi mchezo wa mwalimu."

Translation:She does not like the teacher's game.

April 28, 2019



Could the pronoun "it" be correct in similar situations.

I known context in this sentence leads us to assume that that whoever doesn't like the game is human. But what if the the sentence was about say, a dog that doesn't like something? Would it still be "hapendi..."?


This sentence confuses me a bit. "The game of the teacher"? Meaning, they are playing a game in which they are pretending to be teachers(the teacher game)? Or does it better translate to the teacher's game? Ex. Teacher: "Hey students let's play a game!" .. Student: "I don't like the teacher's game". In my opinion, the answer provided doesn't make sense in English(US).


As mentioned in the intro to the Swahili course, both forms 'game of the teacher' and 'teacher's game' are accepted throughout the course. After all, they convey the same meaning. So this is just a literal translation, whatever the teacher's game really is :). Btw: Ninapenda mchezo wa viti vya ufalme :)


I wrote the teacher's games and did not get


'The teacher's gamesยด would be michezo ya mwalimu


In English (UK) the answer I'm reading (may have changed I guess) says "teacher's" game which to me makes it clear it's a game belonging to the teacher July 2019.


The usual mess: game, play, dance should all be accepted!

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