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Spanish Family-2 strength from 75% to 100%

For the last 3 days, I have been trying to do everything to get the strength for Learning Spanish from English, Family-2 from 75% to 100%.

Nothing works.

Background: Spanish Family-2 has 5 crowns. I started Spanish when the tree was smaller but now have the current larger tree. I have successfully gotten other skills increased from 75% to 100% but not Family-2.

I have tried the following multiple times:

  • Chrome browser web Family-2 practice (untimed)
  • Chrome browser web Family-2 practice (timed)
  • Chrome browser web Family-2 practice (untimed, with all Chrome extensions disabled)
  • iPad Family-2 practice
  • android Family-2 practice

My hypothesis is that there is some word or words, that are necessary to get Family-2 to 100%, that are never coming up in my practices.

However, many if not all practices, are showing me pictures of abuelo, hijo, and padre for the first 3 questions.

If I go to https://www.duolingo.com/users/jimoser and look at skill 87, which is Family-2, I see the following words:

language_data --> es --> skills --> 87 --> words

  • 0: "padre"
  • 1: "bonita"
  • 2: "bonito"
  • 3: "inteligente"
  • 4: "madres"
  • 5: "italiano"
  • 6: "su"
  • 7: "hijo"
  • 8: "hijos"
  • 9: "pequeño"

I don't remember ever seeing "italiano" or "ital"_something in my web practices but I did see "italiano" or "ital"_something in my iOS or android practices.

I have been able to get other skills to 100%, so please don't tell me I need to refresh https://www.duolingo.com/users/jimoser or https://duome.eu/jimoser/progress to look at my strength.

Interestingly, when the new Spanish skill were introduced, I didn't initially have them, so I setup another account.

In this other account, Family-2 was was not at level 5, but this week I was able to raise the strength of Family-2 in that account from 50% to 75% and then from 75% to 100%, with the Chrome browser.

Possibly related to my question is Thomas.Heiss's question,

@staff Have there been any changes to your PRACTICE algorithm code and choosen difficulty level?

April 28, 2019



I've had this issue for ages with the the original Intro level. I've done the timed and untimed practices probably 50+ times and it still says 75%.


Same, it's been driving me crazy.

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I have 4 lessons in Spanish-to-English that either stay at 75% or only go to 100% for a few minutes, then revert to 75%. No amount of practice resolves this. I wish Duolingo would address this. Thank you for commenting.

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