Spanish Family-2 strength from 75% to 100%

For the last 3 days, I have been trying to do everything to get the strength for Learning Spanish from English, Family-2 from 75% to 100%.

Nothing works.

Background: Spanish Family-2 has 5 crowns. I started Spanish when the tree was smaller but now have the current larger tree. I have successfully gotten other skills increased from 75% to 100% but not Family-2.

I have tried the following multiple times:

  • Chrome browser web Family-2 practice (untimed)
  • Chrome browser web Family-2 practice (timed)
  • Chrome browser web Family-2 practice (untimed, with all Chrome extensions disabled)
  • iPad Family-2 practice
  • android Family-2 practice

My hypothesis is that there is some word or words, that are necessary to get Family-2 to 100%, that are never coming up in my practices.

However, many if not all practices, are showing me pictures of abuelo, hijo, and padre for the first 3 questions.

If I go to and look at skill 87, which is Family-2, I see the following words:

language_data --> es --> skills --> 87 --> words

  • 0: "padre"
  • 1: "bonita"
  • 2: "bonito"
  • 3: "inteligente"
  • 4: "madres"
  • 5: "italiano"
  • 6: "su"
  • 7: "hijo"
  • 8: "hijos"
  • 9: "pequeño"

I don't remember ever seeing "italiano" or "ital"_something in my web practices but I did see "italiano" or "ital"_something in my iOS or android practices.

I have been able to get other skills to 100%, so please don't tell me I need to refresh or to look at my strength.

Interestingly, when the new Spanish skill were introduced, I didn't initially have them, so I setup another account.

In this other account, Family-2 was was not at level 5, but this week I was able to raise the strength of Family-2 in that account from 50% to 75% and then from 75% to 100%, with the Chrome browser.

Possibly related to my question is Thomas.Heiss's question,

@staff Have there been any changes to your PRACTICE algorithm code and choosen difficulty level?

April 28, 2019

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I've had this issue for ages with the the original Intro level. I've done the timed and untimed practices probably 50+ times and it still says 75%.

May 5, 2019
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