Gli uomini hanno corpi grandi.

The men have large bodies or great bodies? According to DL corpi grandi is large bodies.

In another discussion on when to put the adjective before or after the object, someone wrote BAGS go before. BAGS = Beauty Age Goodness Size. If this BAGS theory is correct, wouldn't grandi/large go before corpi? Is there any truth to BAGS going in front?

< < waiting to erase my note if needed > > Grazie!

April 28, 2019


Don't trust the 'BAGS' scheme too much. It works as long as emphasis is not required, otherwise it can be deceptive:

Ho comprato una casa grande. = I bought a large house (not a small one).

There are also common adjectives that describe 'beauty' used always after the noun:

Un cappello carino. = A pretty hat. (never un carino cappello)

With few exceptions (such as the aforesaid carino), descriptive adjectives can take either position, according to whether the noun or the adjective is more important in the message conveyed by the sentence.

April 29, 2019

Grazie CivisRomanus -- I appreciate your answer & you (& Linda below) I trust having seen your responses throughout my studies. Everyone else gets the proverbial grain of salt. < < goes to erase handwritten tip from my notebook > >

April 29, 2019

Just for starters, here is a brief example: "un uomo grande" means a big man, whereas "un grand'uomo" means a great man. So "corpi grandi" = large bodies and "grandi corpi" = great bodies. You can actually hear the emphasis if you say the phrases out load. As always, happy to be corrected (the hour is late!) Ciao...

April 28, 2019

So it looks like the BAGS theory was too good to be true. Darn. Back to just memorizing. ;-)

April 28, 2019

Don't go erasing tho. It's a helpful post, or a post helpful;-)

April 28, 2019

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