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  5. "This one is my long sword."

"This one is my long sword."

Translation:Kesy ñuha korze issa.

April 29, 2019



despite "bisy" being another alternate for "this one", using it made the answer invalid thanks duolingo i want death


"Bisy" (and "Bony") is for animate objects, so mostly animals and people, while you use "Kesy" (and "Kony") for inanimate objects instead. You can't choose one or another, there is a clear rule for when you have to use one and not the other.

"Korze" is clearly inanimate, so "Bisy" would be wrong in this case.


But what if a knight is, like, really really close to his sword - talking 'Sledge Hammer' levels here - personifying it, regularly talking to it, maybe even having given it a woman's name, etc. He would likely use 'bisy' and 'bony' when referring to his long sword, would he not?


that makes a lot of sense and i wish i was taught that earlier lol thank u fren


In Hodor this sentence translates to "Hodor Hodor Hodor"


Dose avry thing in Hodor translate to "Hodor"

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