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  5. "They are American."

"They are American."

Translation:Wao ni Wamarekani.

April 29, 2019



Why is it Wamarekani and not Mmarekani?


In the lesson notes (that are only available on the website, it says that the prefix M- goes in front of subjects that are singular, like I, you, he and she, and the prefix Wa- goes in front of subjects that are plural, like we, you all and they.


if you're talking of pronoun prefixes, I did a post on pronoun use, which include the respective subject and object affixes. They're in the Masterpost


technically 'wao ni Wamarekani' translates to 'they are Americans', but there's no specific adjective for nationalities in Swahili, in that the Swahili word always translates to 'people of (whatever country)'.

In general the stem '-marekani' translates to 'of America/American (adj)', and will always need a prefix, depending on the subject noun. 'Mmarekani' means 'American person', while 'kimarekani' means 'of America/American (adj)', and only applies to inanimate objects or intangible things, e.g. 'American culture' would be 'Utamaduni wa kimarekani'


If it is plural it begins with Wa. If it is singular it begins with M.(If it is in the M/Wa noun class)


Wamarekani is for more people mmarekani is for one person


Because if they're talking about multiple people they're going to have to say a different meaning instead of saying mmarekani they're using wamarikani to show that there is morw than one person


I need an other sentence apart from this one


Had not finished that nd submitted by mistake

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