"They are artists."

Translation:Eles são artistas.

April 12, 2013

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Would "Sao artistas" not work here? The program seems to have eliminated the "eles" or "elas" before, but when I try to do it it tells me it's wrong.


You may face some problems when not translating literally. Your answer is not wrong, but duolingo sometimes does not accept.


I have to agree, the Eles is not required here; yet djeidot is correct in that context counts for a lot. Given that.. it should be accepted. Now you said a "native Portuguese", and I can appreciate that; but would that also apply to a native Brazilian? I'm not trying to be snarky here.. but I do realize there are differences just as in UK English and American English.


is 'artistas' masculine plural then? what is feminine plural? or is 'artistas' used for both masculine and feminine?


Yes, in this case the same word is used for masculine and feminine. "Elas são artistas" would (or at least should) be acceptable as well. (Note that you should say "Eles são artistas" when referring to a mixed-gendered group")

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