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"Red" assignments NOT working for students

This morning I assigned two (2) assignments for my students; Shopping and Food. ALL students were able to view/see their assignments posted to the right of their dashboard...yay!

However, assignments were in RED font and when clicked, would not direct them to the link to complete the task. Instead, clicking on the RED assignments would redirect them back to the Duolingo home page. I'm wondering if it's because these students have yet to achieve/develop the necessary skills in order to complete the assignments? Can anyone clarify why this is happening...

Thank you in advance.

Madame B

April 29, 2019

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I am having the same issue. I will have a few students in each of my classes who will click on the assignment and it just takes it back to the homepage. Seems like other teachers are seeing the same issue. Hope Duolingo can resolve.

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