"9:00 am"

Translation:Hola ʻeiwa o ke kakahiaka

April 29, 2019

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Why isn't "ka hola ‘eiwa o ke kakahiaka" accepted?


Mahalo for pointing this out! It should be accepted soon!


Hola eiwa o ke awakea should be accepted as well


maybe a little too early for awakea, which is midday?


What time is considered midday? By 9am the sun is high in the sky. Is there a set time for the divisions of day parts? That's always seemed to be a fuzzy concept for me.


There would be less confusion about AM and PM if we just used Hawaii Public Radio's word of the day for today, Nov 29th 2021 which is "For those of you who have learned to tell time in Hawaiian, you will find it very handy to know that we also have a way to say both A.M and P.M. It means the same as in English, and it is written the same way. But in Hawaiian we pronounce it ‘amu and pimu." ;-)


Is that ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi or is it Hawaiian Creole?


Hi, both are in my copy the Māmaka Kaiao Dictionary, Published by Kōmike Hua'ōlelo/University of Hawaii Press. "A compilation of Hawaiian words that have been created, collected and approved by the Hawaiian Lexicon Committee from 1987 through 2000." So my thought is that they are part of the official official language and not Creole. It should be on all of our bookshelves since it contains thousands of words for modern things, computers, keyboards, etc that didn't exist when ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi was first codified.

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