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Issues logging in and lessons not working

Hi. I am not sure if anyone else is having the same problem as me. I am using the website with the students at school. Lately, since the update, I think, some students can't log in. They usually just click Log in With Google, but nothing happens when they click that. For others, they can log in, but when they click on a lesson to do, it just keeps sending them back the the home page, without starting the lesson. Thanks for you help.

April 29, 2019



Hi, I am having similar issues. A handful of students each hour will try and click on the assignment but instead they are taken to the homepage and are unable to complete the assignment.


I have been having similar issues since the update. I have posted several times in the discussions boards and reported the issues but I have not received any responses from anyone from Duolingo, nor have the issues been resolved. I'm considering utilizing a different language practice tool in my class because sadly, Duolingo has become unreliable.


Also having the same issue. Some students accounts are working some aren't. Has there been a fix for this yet?


I have contacted Duolingo and received a response back that they would work with me on resolving the issue. I then sent them the specifics they asked for on Friday 5/3 but have not heard back. I will keep this post updated as to what they do to resolve issue.

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