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  5. "Cook rice and beef."

"Cook rice and beef."

Translation:E kuke i ka laiki a me ka pipi.

April 29, 2019


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In another exercise, "cook" was translated hoʻomoʻa. Is there a difference of meaning between that and kuke?


I also used "e ho'omo'a" and it was counted correct. Maybe you forgot the E?


I used the word tiles and the options for cook were Ho'omo'a and kuke. Ho'omo'a was accepted 9/23/20


My response: E ho'omo'a i ka laiki a me ka pipi. This means the same thing and should be accepted.


My answer: Ho'omo'a i ka laiki a me ka pipi.


I guess the choice of kuke has to do with ease of production and style. Hoʻomoʻa may be a noun that is being used as a stative verb and kuke might be a regular verb. Is there a reason that we donʻt use stative verbs as commands?
As a rule, Iʻm going to select the version that is easier to say when there is a choice like this. I think that is what native speakers would do.


What's the indication that it is an imperative?


The E before the verb.

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