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HawKeys: Easily insert ʻokinas and kahakōs

Hi all,

I created a small utility for Windows users that adds easy hotkeys to insert ʻokinas and kahakōs in all apps (including Duolingo).


You simply let the app run in your system tray and enjoy not having to click the little buttons in Duolingo.


April 29, 2019



Very cool! You can also make use of the Hawaiian keyboards built into the Windows and OS X operating systems.


With these keyboards you can use alt/option + vowel to type a vowel with a kahakō over it (e.g. ā, ē, ī, ō, ū). The apostrophe key becomes an ʻ (ʻokina) by default. Using alt/option + apostrophe gives you an apostrophe.


There is also a built-in Hawaiian keyboard for iOS (iPhone) users. I'm not sure about Android.


There is one for Android too! I use it when using Hawaiian Duolingo!

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