"How big is this?"

Translation:यह कितना बड़ा है?

April 30, 2019

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That's what she said


Can i say kaisa?


No. 'Kaisa' is 'how' only when it is referring to the quality of something. When 'how' refers to the quantity (like in this sentence or in phrases like 'how many'/'how much'), you need to use 'kitna'.
Eg: यह कैसा है - How is it?
यह कितना अच्छा है - How good is it?
Both sentences pretty much mean the same. But the first simply calls for a qualitative answer while you are asked to quantify the goodness of the object in the second . So, कैसा is used in the first and कितना in the second.


How come I typed the SAME EXACT thing and I got it wrong?


I'm not sure where कितना is supposed to be placed half the time. Sometimes it is at the beginning of a phrase then in instances such as this it is after the noun? It is very confusing


कितना is always placed right before the word whose quantity is being measured.

When used as an adverb to gauge the degree of a verb, it is placed right before that verb. When it is used as 'how much'/'how many' for an adjective or noun, it is placed right before that adjective/noun. This is true both for questions and exclamations.

Eg: उसने कितना खाया? (How much did he eat?) - You are measuring the degree of the verb so कितना goes before the verb
सूरज कितना बड़ा है? (How big is the sun?) - You are measuring the size of the sun so कितना comes before the adjective बड़ा (big)
गुरु गृह के कितने चाँद होते हैं? ( How many moons does the planet Jupiter have?) - You are measuring the number of moons so कितने goes before चाँद (moon)
कितना बढ़िया दिन है! (What a great day!) - You are exclaiming about the greatness of the day so कितना goes before बढ़िया (great)


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