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Help! How do my students log in?

I'm an elementary school Spanish teacher trying to set up Duolingo for my students. Since they don't all have access to email, I entered in all of their names to create accounts for them. But how do they log in? I've spent an hour trying to figure it out and I'm just getting more and more confused. I saw some references on the forum to an email with their log-in information, but I never got this email and I can't seem to figure out how to trigger it.

The FAQ just says -- "Print the sheet and with the information and you're all set! Once your students log in, they will be able to change their usernames, emails and passwords at any time in their settings. Let's start learning!" -- which is tremendously unhelpful and isn't even grammatically sound. And what sheet are they talking about?

April 30, 2019



There will be a Pdf you can print off whenever you go to invite students it will have there temporary login information, whenever they login with that they can customize their password. Sorry if this is unhelpful, this is how my teacher showed me to do it.


If you missed the PDF with their usernames and passwords, you can still help them log in. As their teacher you can just click on a student and change their password.

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