"Nineteen, eighteen, seventeen"

Translation:Náhástʼéí tsʼáadah, tseebíí tsʼáadah, tsostsʼid tsʼáadah

April 30, 2019

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[deactivated user]

    On every available online resource that I've checked, ts'áadah is always suffixed to the numeral. It is never written as a separate word. I'm reporting it as either a grammatical mistake or a typo.


    Also, I am unable to find any dictionary hints.


    Need to make its mind up either with a space or without


    To space or not to space is causing users issues. Please fix it


    Please verify if "náhástʼéí," "náhástéí," "náhástʼéi," and "náhástéi" are each valid alternative pronunciations/spellings -- and if this is true both when followed by tsʼáadah and elsewhere! DL says to "Pay attention to accents" when I wrote náhást'éi here... (10/17/2021)


    Ok, this takes me nearly 10 minutes or more to type this long freaking word:( náhástéi ts'áadah, tseebíí ts'áadah, tsosts'id ts'áadah.) And I forgot one ( ' ) and I get wrong answer wrong. Or I don't have it on my keyboard. Or they some how add a (She) or (He) to it. This gets so frustrating! Please fix it. You only get 20xp after all that hard work! Should be double xp in the Navajo Version.


    It counts both answers as incorrect. Please fix.

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