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Conjugation Tree

I think it would be useful for some languages like Italian to have conjugation charts. Like a chart that labels the endings when the verb is not it it's infinitive -are, -ere, or -ire form. I find that I have a hard time keeping track of the endings for the verbs and it is easier for me to see it in a chart. It would be nice to have one whenever it presents a new tense like past or something, it could have the new chart for an example verb.

April 12, 2013



You don't have to have a hard time keeping track of the endings. There are tons of grammar resources online, just use them until Duolingo staff implements some better grammar sections. I'm sure it will, but Rome was not built in a day.


Like where? Share some good websites please


I have not stuck to one site per language but just googled what I needed. http://en.lmgtfy.com/?q=italian+conjugation+present+tense is an obvious answer for the OP's question.


I second the word reference rec. favorite foreign language resource ever


There are plenty of verb books for sale.


My favorites are "The Big (Red / Blue / Yellow) Book of (Spanish / French / German) Verbs". (The colors are respective to the languages).

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