New French tree; new Spanish tree

I am enjoying the new trees.

I understand averse reactions to having to start anew, retread old ground, and earn back your gold. I had completed gold trees in both languages and now there's all this purple!

But I'm in this to learn languages, not to earn a participation-owl.

I appreciate the new material; I don't mind the repetition of old material - the more automatic my responsive reflexes, the better. For me.

Also (and I hope this is a DuoLingo trend with other trees - for me, Italian and German), I find the new trees to be more demanding and specific. They seem to be insistent on appropriate contextual usage, less vague. They make you think about your word choices, and within one lesson, will use words in different ways, pointing you to the different ways these words are used in real life.

Thank you, again, DuoLingo, for the experience, and for being free, and for continuing to improve that which you offer so generously.

April 30, 2019


bryanlouiselle, thanks for posting.

I love the new tree and all the new words and sentences along with the grammar it brings. I'm tired of seeing all the complaints about the new tree. Who cares what level you get knocked down to or what color your tree is? The important thing is to practice, practice practice. One cannot change the format so you either approach it positively or negatively. I prefer the former. I generally study the first two levels then test out the next if the levels are basic enough.

April 30, 2019

New users already have new German tree so we just need to wait a bit (probably a few months).

May 1, 2019

So do I! I was lucky enough to get the new French tree right away when I started (maybe part of an A/B test), since that seems to have been the one with the messier update. I got updated to the new Spanish tree later and love it (and I don't have to retake too many things I already did).

I think there would have been a lot less hate if people had been able to choose when they switched to the new tree.

April 30, 2019

I agree with brianlouiselle. I had been on level 5 of the entire French tree for months and at first I was horrified to see all that purple and complained bitterly. But I, too, am finding the new material a challenge and find I'm learning heaps more.

However, I do hope DL quickly gives up the experiment with those words that are "ripped" in half (I've come across them in the final food skill). They are visually VERY disorientating and do not work well at all!

April 30, 2019

I totally agree about the ripped up words! Even when I know the answers, it is confusing to see the words in that form, especially if one “half” of the word is only a single letter.

April 30, 2019

J'aime aussi le nouvel arbre. Merci beaucoup, Duo!

May 1, 2019

Totally agree. I have to say I was initially disappointed with the French tree as I saw it as a step to dumb down; it seemed much easier. Now i've spend time on it though I can see that once you get past the basic level it introduces many new words and structures in a very logical way; I'm learning a huge amount.

Also I agree that the trees are more specific. I find there are less weird sentences. The tips and notes are fantastic at highlighting the precise teaching point and then the sentences give varied practice in that. In the old tree I often found that I didn't take on board some of the grammar because a point was introduced then not practiced enough or because there was no explanation.

Good job, well done to the moderators.

May 1, 2019

I honestly wish I would have had last year when I was a complete beginner. I remember getting really frustrated with the way way old tree I first had. Before I knew it, I reached the subjunctive skill and had no idea what the subjunctive even was or why these sentences it was asking me to translate were using it. Now that I'm at a more intermediate level, it's a bit annoying to go through all of the early skills (or really, maybe a bit of a waste of time too), but it's helping me close my gaps at the A1/2 level while I work on B level materials and read young adult fiction off Duo.

May 1, 2019
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