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Percentages versus lessons

I need to know how many lessons I have ahead of me in a new skill, not just that I've completed 0%. There needs to be some sort of indication of what's looming. Are there four lessons at this new level, or twelve?


April 30, 2019



Yes... I agree. I don't like at all the new % indication and this is why:

I like to go through all lessons in a each level until I just left one... then I go for the heart test... so I need to KNOW how many lessons left are. Because there are levels with JUST ONE LESSON and I could pass the level INADVERTENTLY. Maybe my way to use Duolingo could be even a hint to make it more challenging...

Thanks in advance for your work, Duolingo.


Hi! Could you please relocate this thread to the general Duolingo forum? Just hit edit on your original post, and then change the topic in the drop-down menu to "Topic: Duolingo in English".

The Norwegian forum is for threads directly relevant to Norwegian learning, and won't be read by the people in charge of UI changes. Unless they're secretly learning Norwegian, that is. :)


Agreed! Please bring back the number of lessons completed vs number of lessons total.

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