Translation/transcription of “The Winds of Winter”

Dovaogēdys, I was looking for the lyrics of the song “The Winds of Winter” (which is so epic and intense) but it appears that no one knows what it says, and Ramin Djawadi (composer of the main theme too) hasn’t said anything about the actual lyrics, nor have I found anything similar to it. I tried to look for the dictionary of wiki dothraky to start putting words together but the page seems unavailable or under maintenance. If anyone feels up to the challenge, let’s do it!!!!

April 30, 2019

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Apparently they are meaningless. "[The lyrics are] what I call 'Valyrian-inspired,'" Djawadi explains. "I treat it like another instrument, so they're not singing actual full sentences because I didn't want it to distract the audience too much." source:

You can find the transcription here:

May 1, 2019
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