"Es ist ein bisschen kalt heute."

Translation:It is a little cold today.

April 12, 2013



Would the following be correct: "Es ist heute ein bisschen kalt"?

November 16, 2014


Would the following be correct Heute ist es ein bisschen Kalt?

November 25, 2014


Yes, it would.

November 24, 2014


When heute used as now?

September 5, 2016


I translated it as "it is a little cold now". and it was considered wrong. Any input?

June 24, 2017


Why doesn't it accept "Today it is a little cold"

April 12, 2013


That should very well be accepted since the word order in English does not change the translation i.e. the meaning.

June 14, 2013


why would it be wrong to say 'it is cold a little bit today'?

July 4, 2015


Because it doesn't sound English. Little bit just can't go between cold and today

October 14, 2015


I agree that saying, 'it is cold a little bit today' is wrong in English. I think the reason it's wrong may be because "a little bit is modifying the word cold. "A little bit" has to go before cold to sound right in English.

June 30, 2016


what is the "ein" an article of?

August 9, 2015


Probably the adverbalized noun bisschen, which is derived from bite. As it is adverbalized, there is no capital.

About bisschen Duden online says meaning etwas or ein wenig it is mostly found with ein, functioning as an adverb [my translation]. Duden lists bisschen as a pronoun, not all of which take a capital letter.

Extra confusion here, if you're looking for a noun to apply ein to, is that it could be seen as applying itself to kalt. However, es ist kalt casts kalt as an adjective.

My advice is, just learn that ein bisschen can be used this way.

October 20, 2015


Oooh "a little bit" the "bit" is indeed the thing the "a" was in reference to but it seems unnecessary these days and appears to be implied in the language as we just say "it's a little cold" instead of "a little bit cold". thank you very much.

October 25, 2015


it is cold a bit today :(

December 27, 2016


"rather cold" is perfectly good, surely?

August 11, 2017


I have thrown an American teen out of class for saying those words that way . Careful phrasing: "Today is a little bit cold" or "IT's a tad cold today" without reference to the size of anything.

September 28, 2017
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