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Tip for hindi learners!

I am from India and I was just trying out the Hindi course on Duolingo and I just want to say to Hindi learners that वह(vh) is actually pronounced like वो(vo) and यह(yh) is actually pronounced like ये(ye).

April 30, 2019



Thanks! From my endeavours to learn Sanskrit I would have thought they would have been pronounced vha and yha. But of course the fact that two languages use the same alphabet does not necessarily mean the pronunciation is the same.


That is true Apart from Hindi and Sanskrit Marathi, Nepali , Konkani and Sindhi uses the same same Alphbet. yet some letters are not pronounced is same way, But in Hindi when you write yah- यह you pronounce ye- ये it is colloquial, not that the alphabet have different pronunciation


no it is not that way vh and vo are two different words and are pronounced like that only.


I understand that pronunciation was because of the Islamic influence

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