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"Does Keoki have four pairs of glasses?"

Translation:ʻEhā makaaniani o Keoki?

April 30, 2019



Okay DL uses "pairs of glasses"pairs of glasses" as the English firm of glasses. Hope next time I use that instead of "eyeglasses" the wing mark me wrong again.


They have been pretty good about accepting either "pairs of eyeglasses" or just "eyeglasses". I can't say it's not missing in a sentence or two here or there, but I always put "eyeglasses" and have not been marked wrong yet. If you get marked wrong again, check carefully to make sure there isn't some other error, but if not, make sure to use the report flag button to say, "My answer should have been accepted."


So no need for words for ‘does’ or ‘have’? There is no verb. Thanks

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