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"Apakah internet termasuk media massa?"

Translation:Is the Internet included in mass media?

April 30, 2019



"Is the internet included in mass media?" ? If translate the word "termasuk". Or "Does the internet count as mass media?" ?


It's a question about logical categories. So, the question is asking whether internet is one of the things which is included in the category of mass media.

'included' is a more accurate translation of /termasuk/, but English speakers do use "count" this way. If you wanted to say 'count' instead in Indonesian, you'd probably use /diperhitungkan/ as the verb or possibly /terhitung/.


Would the Indonesian sentence be valid if I used the word 'dalam'?

"Apakah internet termasuk dalam media massa?"


The double 's' in 'massa' looks unusual for Indonesian. Can someone explain?

The hover options for the English word 'mass' included 'masa' as an alternative spelling. But when I used that my answer was not accepted.

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