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  5. "Ela é uma gata!"

"Ela é uma gata!"

Translation:She is a cat!

April 12, 2013

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We are discussin the animals chapter not a person slang chapter


I agree, but that is what makes portugues such a nice language: all the double-meanings


Not just Portuguese just about all languages


Voce e uma gata! <wink> <wink>


Maybe, there is another meaning to all the Duo lingo sentences that are really stupid. Maybe Duo is trying to tell us something. Duo is an owl, so he can't speak. But in the courses, he's trying to tell us something. OMG!!!!! WHAT COULD IT BE!!!!


Why "gata" is "babe"? Could someone explain me?


"Gata" here is related, not to the animal, but to a girl who is really beautiful. It's a slang.maybe this is the why they have used "babe"


When I wrote ¨she is beautiful¨ it was not accepted, even though as you say it is related to a girl who is really beautiful. I wonder if duolingo would accept ¨She is a knockout¨?


It's like you say "foxy lady" in English. Or in my native language -- Norwegian -- the word for grouse is used (yes, the bird living in the mountains, in the hen family with pheasants etc.) It's even combineable with other words, e.g. 30 years ago people would say "exhaust grouse" about a babe who was riding with MC blokes :-)


Explain what exactly? In Portuguese, "uma gata" (i.e. a feminine cat) is used as slang for a hot girl similar to "foxy lady" in English. (A cat is very elegant and graceful, maybe with a certain attitude. I suppose that's the origin.)


So, you know how people go grrr in a romantic way, thats what it means..sorta (hope it helps)


So ... can someone please tell me if I can use gata as a compliment or it will be taken as a disrespectful word... like, menina, você é uma gata.... slap


If you call a girl you don't know as a gata, probably she wouldn't like it (depending on the situation and the person, I suppose). But it's ok in conversations with friends to say a girl is a "gata" or a boy is a "gato", so talking about someone else, that's fine... but saying this directly to the person, be aware.


Obrigado meu gatinha amiga! (no bullying intended) now it's clear to me... ;)


Minha gatinha amiga*


It probably depends on the woman and how well that you know her. It's like if you told a woman "You're a fox" or "You're a foxy lady". Jimi Hendrix could get away with it. ☺


Got it! ;) I'll use that "foxy lady" stuff wisely. By the way, here in Mexico we use the same word "gato/gata" to describe an ugly-undesirable person.


This bot may have a bad audio but Duo takes our suggestions seriously! And it seems they update fairlty often. (This sentence now takes fox!) Thanks Duo!!


I also have the same question as you guys have. Why is gata a babe? Is cat now a slang for a hot girl?


That's a slang for a beautiful girl.


Obrigado! :) Thanks for affirming my guess. Portuguese has tons of idiomatic expressions using animals. Haha! :)


Haha..I do agree!! =)


Will there be a lesson about these expressions as I progress in Duolingo?


NO, not really. You'll learn these nuances through the lessons, but not a particular skill =/


I think "It is a cat" should be accepted!


You are sure. In portugueseId (BR) we say : É uma gata, when to reffer animals, without the pronoun. Idiomatic expression. : Ela é uma gata (we use to saying that a woman, a girl is a beauty, pretty.


She is a cat** because it doesn't start with (É)

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