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I don't like new percent complete UI (vs. counts).

I am in French Tree 12. The UI just changed (again) for me. Now when you click on a module, for your current level, it shows "percent complete" , rather than "x of y" completed. I don't find the percentage useful without knowing the total number of exercises (or the number remaining).

Since modules can vary widely (especially at different levels) in how many lessons they have, it was very helpful to know how many lessons it would take to advance to the next level. This information is no longer available.

This change seemed to come at the same time as an attempt to give me partial credit toward level 1 in the many (presumably new or changed) modules for which I got no credit when moved from the old tree (3?).

** UPDATE: To be clear, I am seeing this on the Mac web browser version of Duo, but not on the iOS App version. Also, I am not seeing the partial gold rings on the app version for the new modules where I was set to level 0 when moving trees (see paragraph above).

May 1, 2019



I agree! I don't like "percent complete", I want "x of y" completed.


I absolutely agree! It's an annoying and unhelpful change.


hear hear

I also noticed the "partial credit". Not sure what's going on.


I have noticed that this issue ("percent complete" vs. "x of y") is seen on the web browser version of Duo, but the iOS app version of Duo is still showing "x of y". In addition, the app version is not showing the "partial credit" that showed up at the same time. Everything else seems in perfect sync on my account between using a browser on my Mac or the app on my iPhone. Very strange.


I prefer the "x of y" presentation also.


Percent complete is fine if we knew percent of how many!!!! Jeeze Duo, please, correct this in your next update. (The percent complete is what is shown in the Spanish tree, too.)


Agreed. This % complete is a terrible idea. Number completed out of the total lessons was much better. Please change this back, Duo!

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