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"Kayu ini lebih ringan dari logam, tetapi sama kuatnya."

Translation:This wood is lighter than metal, but the strength is the same.

May 1, 2019



Should accept the alternative translation such as "This wood is lighter than metal, despite the same strength"


"This wood is lighter than metal, but is equally strong."


... but their strength is the same?


I don't understand, how the part after the com.a makes sense. Is "kuat" the strength of the wood or metal here, or of both? And why is "sama" not written behind "kuatnya"?


"The strength (of the wood) is the same (as the strength of the iron)" is a similar sentence to "(they're) equally strong"

The strength is the same directly translates to "kuatnya sama". And "(they are) equally strong" directly means "(mereka) sama-sama kuat/(mereka) sama kuatnya". You may now understand why it jumped a bit here and there, but you can use either "sama kuatnya" or "kuatnya sama" for this; it means the same in this context.

The strength/"kuat" here can refer to both since they're equally matched on the strength, but it is specifically meant for the wood, as it is the main topic of the sentence.

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