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Still having problems with translations

I don't know if this is a computer issue, but I'm having some problems:

1) When I click on a new sentence to translate, one opens up on top of another. If I choose the second one by accident, it jumps all over the screen.

2) When I try to edit one of my own translations, clicking on the place I want to edit causes it to jump all over the screen, however once it settles down, I can use my cursor keys with no problem.

3) I'm continually freezing up.

These things only happen in the translations area - no problems anywhere else. I'm using chrome and am on Windows 7. Help...

July 18, 2012



I've seen #2 using Firefox 13.0.1 on Windows XP


I've experienced all of those with FireFox, usually after some continued use, and especially while/after translating large articles. A quick look at the task manager always shows that the browser is hogging memory, and the only solution I found up to now is to close the browser entirely (all FF instances).

I assume you may experience this all of the time if your system is slow or low on resources. DuoLingo is quite neat with all its in-browser features (like the popup thesaurus, in-page submission and feedback, etc...) but this appears to be the disadvantage.


I haven't had the problems that Gumbee describes. However, I'm using Safari on Mac OS X (10.5.8), and I have noticed recently that something I'm doing in the browser has been a huge memory hog (3-5 gigabytes of hard drive space over the course of a few days). I don't know for sure which site is the culprit, but the candidates are basically limited to Duolingo, Memrise, and Netflix streaming. Eventually the memory issue will cause Safari to freeze or crash, so I've found that I simply need to shut down Safari periodically (every two or three days) and restart the computer to reclaim the memory.


I'm running Chrome (version 20.0.1132.57 - not so convenient naming system) on Mac OS X and everything is smooth. I've also been on Chrome on Windows 7 on my mother's computer and that has been flawless as well - is this something that you just noticed or has it been a recurring annoyance?


It's been off and on, but mostly on, for several weeks now. I tried dumping all my temporary internet files and it seemed to be better for a day or so but then it started right back up again.

Based on what Weerlicht said, I'm now wondering if it's because when I'm working on a translation I usually have 3 or 4 browser tabs open (Duo, the source document, a thesaurus, and another google tab or two, etc..). I'm going to check the task manager next time and try to see if that's the problem.


Try setting a limit on the size of the cache the browser is allowed to store. Not sure how to do it on Chrome, on Firefox its under Preferences>Network

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