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"His wife is beautiful, isn't she?"

Translation:'IH be'nalDaj, qar'a'?

May 1, 2019



Doqqu' ej wovbogh SutDaq 'IH ghaH, qar'a'?

(I've been wanting to say that ever since these qar'a exercises first started. But it's a bit tricky to express in Klingon what takes just three words in English.) :-)


I'm not sure if we know if we can use -Daq for this. So maybe until we do, {tuQtaHvIS} is the way to do this.


Yes, 'she's pretty in clothing that is pink' definitely felt a little awkward, even if the Klingon version does work grammatically. That does sound better, but can we treat Doqqu' 'ej wov, a pair of verbs-of-quality-turned-adjectives, as a (compound) noun, or do we still need Sut in there as the noun they modify? That's one of the big questions I struggled with, in trying to create this sentence and in how to treat color terms overall in Klingon.

Thanks, Kahless!


Didn't pay enough attention to the colour bit. On that I'd think you need a bogh on both colour verbs:
Doqqu' 'ej wov: it is very red and bright.
Doqqu' Sut 'ej wov: The suit is very red and (it is) bright.
For a suit which is pink, I'm thinking it should be {Doqqu'bogh 'ej wovbogh Sut} but I'm not sure if there is something off about it. Maybe it would need to be {Doqqu'bogh Sut 'ej wovbogh} instead. Grammatically, you can also combine an adjectival verb {Doqqu'bogh Sut wov} but whether a bright suit that is very red comes across as pink, I don't know.


Well, five words total ...

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