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I want to learn Korean, but now the interface is in Korean.

I live in Korea -- is that the problem? Either I clicked something wrong somewhere, or the IP address is used to determine the language of the interface. I'm an English speaker who wants to learn Korean while living in Korea. Can you help me get an English interface?

May 31, 2014



You can change the UI language. We don't offer Korean for English speakers yet, but there are a lot of languages to learn if you speak English right now.

Go into your settings, which may be hard if you don't know Korean, so below are pics that will guide you.

You can also change the UI language when logged out by going here:



Unfortunately, if you want to learn Korean right now, that's the best you can get. They have only made English for Korean speakers, meaning that you need to wait for Korean for English speakers if you would like the interface in English.

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