"They have not drawn a picture"

Translation:Hawajachora picha

May 1, 2019



What does the 'ja' signify?

May 1, 2019


tense infix in the negative.

  • Hawajachora - they have not drawn
  • Hawachori - they are not drawing

    present continuous tense doesn't have a tense infix in the negative, but the suffix of the verb changes

  • Hawakuchora - they did not draw
  • Hawatachora - they will not draw

this is different from the tense infix in the affirmative:

  • Wamechora - they have drawn
  • Wanachora - they are drawing
  • Walichora - they drew
  • Watachora - they will draw
May 2, 2019
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