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  5. "What is the date today?"

"What is the date today?"

Translation:Tanggal berapa hari ini?

May 1, 2019



According to Google, berapa should always immediately follow the noun when it's a question of time and dates (jam berapa, tanggal berapa)

but it precedes the noun if you want it to mean "how many" (berapa pisang)


Why tanggal hari ini berapa is not correct?


I might be wrong, but I think that would feel as weird to them, as it would feel strange to us if someone was saying "What today is the date?" or something... we kind of get it, but we also kind of don't... wondering, if there's something missing... "What, today is the date [of the prom night]?! Oh no! I'm not ready!" ...

(I think it would actually mean something like "How much is today's date?" And people might wonder if you are talking about a price to enter an event or something; or weather-/ temperature-forecast...?)

The question-word (berapa) has to follow the word you are asking about (tanggal). It kind of works like an adjective. Then you specify which date you are asking about (hari ini).

To be honest, I'm preaching all this, but I made the exact same misstake; that's why I came to this thread. xD But thinking about it, my explanation makes sense to me xD

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