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  5. "They do not know."

"They do not know."

Translation:Mereka tidak tahu.

May 1, 2019



This can also be translated to "They are not tofu".


The difference would be the audio. Would you happen to know whether to know is said as TA-OO or TA-HOO in Indonesian?


No because that would be mereka bukan tahu.

That said, tahu (the food) has the h sound in it but tahu (to know) doesn't .


Thanks for that.


I wanted to type tahu but by typo came a 3 instead of a u, so that is a typo not a wrong answer


The difference between TAHU (food) and TAHU (to know) is depends on the sentence while the sound and the pronounce is the same.


But native speakers always say TAU for TO KNOW and use TAHU in a text or a letter but pronounce it TAU. And if you want to say a tofu you have to say TAHU (you must be use H and must be pronounce H with clearly)

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