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Change the Female Voice to Male Voice

Is there a way to change the Voice from Female to Male Voice?

May 31, 2014

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I'm having trouble with the male voice too. I'm getting a lot of words mixed up as it doesn't enunciate well enough for me.


Yes I am having to listen slowly for way more than I used to with the female voice and even then it slurs words and sounds together. I really dislike this version.


To my knowledge, Duolingo has used only one flavor of TTS (text to speech) for each language. They have had challenges because no TTS software is perfect. You might have already seen that the past tense of "read" is pronounced as रीड "read" rather than रेड "red", among few other glitches.

In future this might change, but now as LeMaitre said, we have only one voice - the female voice.


The German voice just changed from female to male for me today, and I have no idea how to get it back.


I hate the male voice! Change it back to the female voice!


Seriously, the male voice is awful.


I just heard the male voice for the first time. It's so irritating to listen to, and I'm seriously considering quitting duolingo, simply because of that voice lol!


Don't. That isn't that good enough of a reason to give up learning a language!


Me too! I would really like to have an option to choose for myself.


yeah there should be a way to switch the voice back


yeah it happened for me too


I figured it out. It's part of a trial. Only a few people get the male voice, and there is no way to switch. More details here: https://api.duolingo.com/comment/8130426


I heard Mr German today for the first time quite a shock! I noticed he says "Mittagessen" like mitag- ess -ssen the consonant s repeated twice quite strangely...


The male voice pronounces incorrectly.


In correctly how? As in the wrong gender?


Wait, are you learning Hindi, Josh? You never told me that!


I understand the male voice better and I remember it better than the female voice in french. There is a button that I sometimes mistakenly hit on my keyboard that changes the sentence im trying to translate to the opposite of it's default voice for that sentence. But I only do it by mistake when typing sometimes, so I'm not exactly sure what button it is. Though I wish it was male all the time.


You are right. male voice is much better


Yes, please


please the for english language


Are the French voices from French nationals?

[निष्क्रिय उपयोगकर्ता]

    my Japanese male voice is annoying, how can i get the female voice ??


    I do not like the male voice how to I get rid of it? I would rather not use the app than listen to the male voice!


    Went back to the app in search of a way to change the voice back from male to female in the Italian course I am doing without any luck. Today was the first time the male voice magically appeared - I'm not happy. I will wait for it to change back before I continue with course.


    I'm learning Danish, sometime there was just the female voice but since a few months, Doulingo introduce the male voice, I don't like that voice, it sounds so robotic and it feels irritating, I wish an option to change to just female voice.

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