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  5. "puqbe'wI' ghaH boqor'e'."

"puqbe'wI' ghaH boqor'e'."

Translation:Bokor is my daughter.

May 2, 2019



and how would you say "Bokor has a daughter?" "puqbe' ghaH boqor!"


If we assume that you can use ghaj have in the sense of "having" a relationship, then it would be puqbe' ghaj boqor.

If this kind of having is not appropriate, then you'd have to go with something like boqor puqbe' tu'lu' there is a daughter of Bokor.

It's not clear whether you can use ghaj to mean this kind of having. But ghaj isn't necessarily always literally about physical possession; TKD gives us pIch vIghajbe' it's not my fault (literally, I don't have blame).

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