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Waarom leeren jullie Nederlands?

Why did you decide to start learning this amazing language? I started because I want to move there in 3-4 years.

May 2, 2019



Good on you. Veel succes!


And I started because I have to move there in 3-4 months ;) I would have started earlier if I had known. But now I wouldn't even stop, if I could stay where I am, because I discovered that I like the language very much.


May I ask why you didn't know earlier that you're going to move there. And I agree this language is so amazing. We need more people trying to learn this :)


you may - because the company of my husband just informed us that he will be transferred there instead of to the UK. I can only guess it is because of the Brexit that they need more staff in NL now while they reduce it in the UK. So instead of getting rid of my grammer mistakes and strange accent in English, I learn Nederlands and enjoy the new adventure.


Well good luck there and I'm sure you'll have an amazing time because it's such a beautiful country


Thank you! I'm really looking forward! And as we have to look for a school for the kids, we'll actually have our first dutch experience from tomorrow. I'll loose my little 16 days streak, but I can try to use what I learned so far. Hopefully I won't say "ik ben een appel"... dank je wel for the lingot!


Haha the beginning sentences were really funny but it gets better. I'm sure you'll find a good school for your kids! I think duolingo is a good way to practice but there's better recourses e.g I watch Dutch shows with subtitles and it really helps. May I ask what city you are going to live in? I know Eindhoven is great because I have a lot of friends there


I am learning Dutch because of my partner's family; there is a possibility we may move there one day :) Veel succes on your new path; I'm sure you will enjoy it, its such a nice country!


Good luck to you too! It really is such a nice and beautiful country


If I may correct you, the title should be "waarom leren jullie Nederlands" Leren only has a single "e" because there's only a single consonant. You can remember with the dutch sentence: Deurtje open, lettertje gaat lopen which means, door open, vowel runs away. In kindergarten we even drew a tiny flying vowel over the r to remember this rule.

"Waarom" doesn't have this because it's made of waar and om, the rule only applies to single declined words, not composed words.

(dutch is my first language)

Best of luck, very cool to see others learn my language which isn't the most popular in the world.


Thank you so much for this! Sounds like a great way to remember this. I just think that your language and country is so amazing and I'm really excited to move there


Ik leer Nederlands omdat ik met de mensen in Nederlands wil kunnen praten. (It has been half a year since I have arrived in the Netherlands)

Good luck on your journey!


That sounds so great. How's the life there? Good luck to you too!


Thanks, life is great here too. The only problem I face is that almost everything i see, hear are in Dutch, so I am taking it seriously to learn Dutch.

Misschien in steden als Amsterdam zijn veel buitenlanders wie Engels kunnen spreken, maar ik wil Nederlands spreken omdat de mensen het daar leuk vinden.

Sorry for my poor Dutch


Yeah I think it's just better to be able to speak their langue when you live there and also I feel like everyone would rather talk in their native language than in a different one. Also I think your Dutch is good im not sure though because I've only been learning for a little bit more than a month. But practice is really important. How long do you plan on staying there?


It depends... nothing is ever certain...

Though it's great that you have already reached level 11 in just almost a month :)


Yess I'm enjoying this language so much. I feel like I'm spending too much time on duolingo haha


Geen reden voor excuses hoor. Jij weet het al prima te vertellen. Een paar dingetjes:
Misschien zijn er in steden als Amsterdam veel buitenlanders die Engels kunnen spreken, maar ik wil Nederlands spreken omdat de mensen hier dat leuk vinden.


I wanted to move there


Same! Good luck!


Ik wilde altijd om een tweede taal te leren. Ik spreek al een beetje Frans, maar ik ben niet zo geinteresserd in Frankrijk als Nederland en Vlaanderen. Nederland is zeker een mooi land en misschien ga ik op een dag in Nederland wonen.


The large majority of my family is ethnically Dutch because of my grandparents. They unfortunately had to leave the Netherlands when it was being invaded in World War II and moved to Canada, so my dad was born in North America, as was myself. Our family’s last name was changed as well because it’s impossible to read in english. I have been fascinated with everything Dutch for a long time, and it is my personal goal to move to the Netherlands and perhaps even change my last name back to what it should be. I have always wanted to speak a second language as well, I have not learned one yet because of the laughable failure of the Canadian French education.

I am highly motivated to learn Dutch and I’m more than happy to spend time on it. Duolingo is a start for me, where I will then go on to other things. If I’m ever stuck I’ve got several willing people I can go to and ask if they can help :)


Sounds like an interesting but sad story. I hope you'll get to your goals and manage to learn this beautiful language and move back to the NL. The community here on duolingo is so helpful when you don't understand something. Duolingo is the best way to start. Also another good way to study is to watch Dutch cartoons for small children. I know it doesn't sound that interesting and they're really not that fun to watch haha but they're helping me to learn this language. Also I think that cartoons help small children learn their language but I don't know.

Good luck on your adventure!


Im learning it for fun because I enjoy learning languages.


Im learning Dutch because I've made a few friends from the Netherlands while playing games online and thought it would be nice to be able to speak their language, albeit poorly. It's always bugged me that so many mainland Europeans speak perfect English, yet here in the United Kingdom we never seem bothered enough to learn another language.


Well, I've met a few British and American people who spoke Dutch perfectly and even with no trace of an accent. One was a professor in my university and several of my ballet teachers also were fluent to the point where the guy next to me on the barre (from the UK) asked me if I thought our teacher was British and perfect in Dutch or if he was Dutch and perfect in English. So, it can be done and there are those that do it.
But good for you that you are expanding your horizon, language-wise. So here's a lingot.


I started learning Dutch because I am French from Flander (a small corner of northern France). I had never learned Flemish before, although many people there spoke this language a few decades ago.


Sounds nice! Veel succes!


Ik ook! Ik leer Nederlands omdat ik daar op één dag wonen wil. Ik denk dat de taal is makkelijk voor mensen wie Engels (dat is mijn eerste taal).

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