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  5. "Ela se parece com a mãe."

"Ela se parece com a mãe."

Translation:She looks like her mother.

April 12, 2013



I don't get this sentence.,,,,,,,,com a mae=her mother????I think it should be "com a mae dela",,,am I right?


In Portuguese, that would be a little silly (but not wrong) to say a mãe dela. Someone may say: obviously, she is her mother. In Portuguese, there is no need to add any further information, unless it's not related to the family itself: "ela se parece com a mãe da minha amiga" = "she looks like my friend's mother".


It is not silly. The translations could just as well be: "she looks like the mother" as in: "she behaves like the mother (of the child)", or "seems to be the mother (of the child)"


I don't understand this sentence much at all. Duolingo doesn't say parece = looks like, it says parece = is like. And I also don't get why se was necessary since the translation was that she looks like her mother, not that she looks like herself.


To look like: parecer-se.


Yes but it was se parece!!! Totally confusing!!! :(


Yes. When you make up a sentence, you need to change the order:

To look like = parecer-se com.

  • Eu ME PAREÇO COM meu pai.
  • Ela SE PARECE COM o pai.
  • Você SE PARECE COM seu pai.
  • Nós NOS PARECEMOS COM nosso pai.
  • Eles/Vocês SE PARECEM COM os pais.


You said above that you usually use the definite article (o pai), but do you usually use the possessive in the first person (meu pai, nosso pai)?


Yes, you can also include the possessive adjective when talking about family members.


That has REALLY helped me to understand. Thank you.


Why is "she's like her mother" wrong?!


Try reporting! =)


I always report - even before I know whether I'm right or not. Haha. Because I don't know how to go back and report later


Why is she resembles mother wrong?


In previous lessons " to look like " was always translated as " parecer ". Now suddenly it becomes " parecer se ". Do i really need the " se " or is " se " like an unsaid " herself' . So the translation becomes " She (herself) looks like her mother".


I wonder why 'com' is used instead of 'como'? Is this in any way an exception? I found, that in any other regard (she speaks, smells, behaves, thinks like her mother) 'como' would be used, at least according to Google translate :)

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