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"Can you see us? Yes, we can see you."

Translation:cheleghlaH'a'? HISlaH. releghlaH.

May 3, 2019



the pronoun prefixes ju- and pI- are suggested in the drop down box, but aren't accepted as answers. I've reported it.


They are accepted. However, there was a report that was missing the -laH on the second legh. Is it possible this is why your entry was rejected?


It's possible I forgot it, lol.


I didn't forget it and got it wrong thanks to the prefixes


Did you report it? Do you have a screen shot? The only report I have is ?Juleghlah'a'? Hislah releghlah? If that was yours, please remember to capitalize your I and your H (when not part of ch, gh, or tlh). Also that answer uses two different "you". If you are interpreting "you" as singular, then you have to pair ju- with pI-. If you are interpreting "you" as plural, then you have to pair che- with re-. This exercise will not allow you to interpret one you as singular and the other as plural.

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