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Dear Duome.eu Creator!

I want to thank you for creating this site - it makes our Duo-using so much easier :D  

I absolutely love the new tweaked design: Tips & Notes, Vocabulary, incompleted Owls shown only above languages reaching level 2...

...and that little "Thank you" page, dedicated to our most helpful and supporting members. :) 

As you probably don't want to give away your identity here, I have a proposition instead of a question, or anything of that kind - please make the vocabulary work both ways, for example (if it's possible) for languages with non-Latin script. Searching for a word in English and getting a result in Japanese in the vocabulary search section would help me immensely.  

And as Japanese Tree V.2 is in the works... I imagine you will have quite a load of work at your hands, incorporating kanji signs into the "Vocabulary" feature... so no rush. Still, I hope one day I'll be able to input "car" in the Japanese Vocabulary search bar, and get "くるま / 車" as a result... :D and the same for Chinese, too... 

There's only one thing I miss - the "sort by original order" feature: 

It's not there anymore, and it was very useful to me and, as I imagine, many others. Is it possible to bring it back?  

All the best wishes for improving your site and keeping it going!   Sincerely, Mya :)

EDIT: THANK YOU for noticing this little thread!
(From here)

Just an idea - maybe the reverse courses' vocabulary would be useful for creating (or at least - lessening the work needed for) the two-way search feature? Practically all the courses have their reverse available, even though the words taught in them vary... just a small thought for the future ;))

Guys, the "sort by original order" is back on mobile view! Rejoice! Thank you again, Dear Duome Creator!!! :D


May 3, 2019



I think that after the recent updates, the duome site might be still in works... I really hope this feature will come back for all the languages! ;)


There's only one thing I miss - the "sort by original order" feature.

I tried something with four of my courses, and it seems to depend on the link I use to view my progress. For instance, when I access my Turkish course progress page using the link https://duome.eu/Arachnje/progress, I see the original order option. But when I go through the link https://duome.eu/Arachnje/en/tr, the option is not available.

Four screenshots from my duome.eu, showing how the progress page of the Turkish course looks like (the two screenshots on the right) depending on the links used to reach it (the two on the left

Same on the small screen of my iPhone SE:

Four screenshots from my duome.eu Turkish course progress page on my mobile screen, showing how the progress page looks like depending on the links used to reach it


Oh right! Isn't that second link a new feature? I've never seen that you could view progress that way until now.

So it now saves a copy of the user's previously active trees, so that the progress of these trees can also be viewed even when not the user's currently active tree? Pretty neat!

It appears the issue you've shown has been fixed now anyway. I wonder if the creator of duome saw your post in this discussion. ^^


I think the admin of Duome is using some kind of script to monitor discussion here.


There's only one thing I miss - the "sort by original order" feature

It's still there for me:

Are you viewing it on a phone? Maybe it's possible that the other sort orders are cut off, where you might be able to see them if you switch to desktop view or switch from portrait to landscape?

(I notice in your screenshot it says "Tips" rather than "Tips and Notes", as though the page might be displaying in mobile view.)


It’s still there for me too, I use it as well, on iOS safari/mozilla.


When I select Original Order (or other), I’d love if after reloading the page, it would keep the "Original order" activated. I think the way this works usually on other websites is that if you press a button like that, it would make the url something like "https://www.duome.eu/USERNAME/Progress#Original_Order", and it would be even bookmarkable. I don’t know how to explain it better as I am not a web developer myself.


When I select Original Order (or other), I’d love if after reloading the page, it would keep the "Original order" activated.

That's also my wish!


It is working for a few weeks already!
Thank you very much, Duome creator.


Oh my... yes, Im on the phone. Yay, so it's still there then? :D


What browser are you using? Safari?

"sort by Original Order" works with Firefox.

Make sure that you request the "full desktop view" when you are on a smartphone testwise.


I was using Samsung Internet, but in mobile mode. Before, "sort by original order" was available there... not anymore.
But in the desktop mode, it shows up again. A tiny bit more hassle, but it works :D


Incredible amounts of upvotes & lingots! Nice accomplishment for Duome.eu post!


Yeah, Duome-Creator, thank you! I check my profile daily, it's so motivating to see the graph and what my owl-prediction date is :D

In case you read this thread:
I've read your blog and I would like to help you covering hosting costs and keeping the site running. I think it's great there are no ads and I understand you would like to stay anonymous. Have you heard of the Brave Browser and its BATokens? Users can send BATs to any page they visit, and creators can exchange the Tokens into money. That could be a very easy way for us users to give you something back.


Duome is now on Patreon.


Guys, the "sort my original order" is back on mobile view! Rejoice! Thank you again, Dear Duome Creator!!! :D


While we're n the topic of the vocabulary section, I would bring up that the letters å, ä, and ö are the final letters of the Swedish alphabet, and not a and o with extra squiggles. For a Swede, it is as if you had mixed the words beginning with the letters y and a, or z with c. But I don't know how easy this is to fix, if at all possible.


But all the same, Duome is a great resource; I'm very grateful for it!


I'm happy to report that the issue has been half solved: now they're located at the end of the list, almost as it should be! The only thing not quite right is that both å and ä are sorted under ä, although they are kept separate within that section. Ideally, there should be one section for å followed by one section for ä followed by a final section for ö. Still, this is a lot easier on my eyes.


Another update:

A mere four hours after I last checked, the issue has been completely resolved! The letters are sorted in the correct order and all is well in the world; well, in my petty little world of language learning at least. A big thank you to our secret benefactor for fixing this issue!


I just noticed today that there is actually a way to support the duome creator: On www.duome.eu there is a new(?) banner "Patreon" where this information is hidden!


Also wanted add my thanks. It is a wonderful site, the lessons short and concise enough to keep interest and to keep coming back. I was once a Rosetta Stone user and found their lessons often grueling. Have seen differences though in the way RS presents the language and here, missing prepositions and what not, but do have to admit it is fun and very addictive. The quizzes are a bear when they pop up unexpectedly, seem unfair when you are so very new to the language and insurmountable, but it does not stop me in any way. Well Done!


I've recently discovered the wide world of Duome (I visited the HOFs a couple of years ago, when I had my 100+ streak) as it is today - May I add my sincere and profound thanks, admiration and amazement at DouMe's creator's awesomeness. Diolch yn fawr iawn


Dear Duome.eu creator, your site is absolutely fantastic and has been my guidance for what to do next on Duolingo for donkey’s now...

Until today, I only had one teeny tiny issue with the way you count tree progress (the problem on Duolingo’s side with zombie skills causing certain trees to get stuck below 100%).

Today another teeny tiny issue: I called up the crowns hall of fame to prepare for my daily “battle”, and saw it has been well and truly “strafed”.
Personally, so long as I can still call up my own progress pages, I’m not that bothered about not showing up in the rankings (I’m now greyed out in both the crowns and the owls), but I just wanted to let you know that whatever criteria you’re following to determine “totally unrealistic” activity appears to be too strict, at least in some cases :-)


Oh! We’re back! Thanks guys, it’s you who are simply amazing!! :-)


there should be more power ups

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