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Cannot move onto 2nd lesson

I am on Basics 1 Lesson 1 in German and I have completed it many times and got all of them correct and yet for some reason the 2nd lesson has not been unlocked for me, why is this?

April 12, 2013




Do you know if you're behind a proxy? Also, what kind of Internet provider do you have?



I am not under a proxy and my internet provider is Charter. Thanks for helping me out on getting pass the first lesson but now apparently I can't get past the second one after completing it?


It looks like you haven't finished Basics 1. You need to go to the next lesson in that skill. Once you complete all of the lessons in Basics 1 - the next skill will unlock. Let me know if you have any trouble or questions!


I am having the same problem. I am completing the lesson, yet it won't show up as I have. I just get kicked to the home screen.

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