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"The First City is the capital of Kronos."

Translation:Qo'noS mon 'oH veng wa'DIch'e'.

May 3, 2019



so, veng wa'DIch is a construction of multiple words, how would I know where to put -'e' in a sentence like this? Are there any general rules that could help with that?

In other sentences, where -'e' is just used for emphasis, can it just be applied to any noun that I want to emphasize?


In this course we don't really teach the emphatic -'e' and only expect you to use it when grammatically required, such as in a "pronoun as to be" sentence. However, the same rule applies in all situations. When multiple nouns are in a row with out some other grammar indicating how they relate, they form one big noun phrase. Then the -'e' goes on the end of the noun phrase (on the main noun which is at the end): veSDuj 'oH tlhIngan HoD Duj'e' "The Klingon captain's ship is a warship."

It's also worth noting that when an adjectival verb is part of the noun phrase it will occur at the end of the noun phrase and the -'e' will still go at the end, which means it looks like this noun suffix has been put on a verb, but it's really just at the end of the full noun phrase: veSDuj 'oH tlhIngan HoD Duj tIn'e' "The Klingon captain's big ship is a warship."

If you are using the -'e' for emphasis, to mark a topic, or to mark a headnoun in a -bogh phrase, it still goes at the end of the whole noun phrase.

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