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"The First City is the capital of Kronos."

Translation:Qo'noS mon 'oH veng wa'DIch'e'.

May 3, 2019



so, veng wa'DIch is a construction of multiple words, how would I know where to put -'e' in a sentence like this? Are there any general rules that could help with that?

In other sentences, where -'e' is just used for emphasis, can it just be applied to any noun that I want to emphasize?


In this course we don't really teach the emphatic -'e' and only expect you to use it when grammatically required, such as in a "pronoun as to be" sentence. However, the same rule applies in all situations. When multiple nouns are in a row with out some other grammar indicating how they relate, they form one big noun phrase. Then the -'e' goes on the end of the noun phrase (on the main noun which is at the end): veSDuj 'oH tlhIngan HoD Duj'e' "The Klingon captain's ship is a warship."

It's also worth noting that when an adjectival verb is part of the noun phrase it will occur at the end of the noun phrase and the -'e' will still go at the end, which means it looks like this noun suffix has been put on a verb, but it's really just at the end of the full noun phrase: veSDuj 'oH tlhIngan HoD Duj tIn'e' "The Klingon captain's big ship is a warship."

If you are using the -'e' for emphasis, to mark a topic, or to mark a headnoun in a -bogh phrase, it still goes at the end of the whole noun phrase.


It wouldn't let me add additional information for reporting on the computer for this question... which is odd, I seem to be able to do it for some and also on mobile, but anyway, the audio on <> is delayed and begins with a pop here... (also let me know if you don't want this via forum post in the future)


Was that supposed to be veng? I do hear what you're saying. I'll get one of our female recorders on it.

Only iOS (apple) allows the free-write reports. But we prefer Sentence Discussion posts, since there is no way for us to ask for more info or answer with the free-write reports.


Sorry, it also deleted the word when I used <> as a marker


the quoted word was "veng"


Thank you for letting us know. The word "veng" has now been re-recorded. Hope you continue to enjoy the course! :)

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