"The bedroom is chilly."

Translation:Huʻihuʻi ka lumi moe.

May 3, 2019

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Just what is the difference between "hu'ihu'i" and "anuanu"?


Presumed anuanu should be used instead of hu'ihu'i since anuanu meant cool in the weather segment.


I guess it's a matter of degree. "cool^cold" for anuanu, "cold^chilly" for hu'ihu'i.


Still begs the question "What's the difference?" How do you choose between the two? Aren't "cool" and "chilly" the same concept?


If I remember correctly hu'ihu'i was used for things like drinks, and anuanu was used for weather - but not sure if that means anything... (UPDATE: oops, no, a following lesson showed a thermometer with a snowflake to translate "cold/chill" and the correct answer was ka hu'ihu'i. So I guess that can mean weather too.)


Hokulani Cleeland's book 'Olelo 'Oiwi (pg 40) states that both mean "cold", with anuanu generally referring to temperatures colder than hu'ihu'i, however, hu'i hu'i is used for cold or iced drinks.

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