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  5. "She is eating spinach."

"She is eating spinach."

Translation:Waaʼ yį́yą́.

May 3, 2019



I don't have the option to use letters with multiple accent marks.


This can't be considered incorrect purely because of accents which we don't even know the effects of!

I think it is kind of ironic that Navajo, a language which is traditionally spoken-only (it has been written down for use for non-navajo speakers), does not have sound yet on one of the very few platforms to learn it. I look forward to it being added, but the language is near impossible to learn until then.


(Just FYI) The accents indicate the high tone. The hooks mean to nasalize the vowels. Changing either of these can change the meaning of the word.

The apostrophes are glottal stops (like the hitch in uh-oh).


I got it accepted by using no accents but a ’ rather than a ' at theend of both words: waa’ yiya’


I dont have the special letters! "áąíį"


I dont know how to combine accents


Again spelling is incorrect. Yiyą́


I dont have the special nasal hook font.


The closest I could get was "waa' yiyá" and it was marked wrong. Some people in comments are describing the Navajo course as a short course, but it looks to me more like the rough beginning of a normal-length course that doesn't exist yet. ..


I don't have the option for some of the accents

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