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Arabic update

They have an update for arabic in the Incubator! Take a look here: https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/ar/en/status. They also have some new contributors.

May 4, 2019



"The course is going to teach a spoken variety of the language based on Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), though it won't be as formal (or as complex) as traditional MSA." Are they referring to the MSA used on TV or do they want to teach us a variety simplified for learners?


From what I understood, they're going to base the Arabic course on the Egyptian dialect. The Egyptian dialect is basically the easiest (maybe I'm biased) because how progressive it is with the time. Add to it, that it's the most common dialect given those who speak it are around or above 100 million speakers.


Where did you hear this? So far it has always been said that MSA was what would be taught.


A big clue is that the course description is using a picture of the Sphinx and the Egyptian flag. https://www.duolingo.com/course/ar/en/Learn-Arabic


The Spanish course uses the Spanish flag but teaches Latin American Spanish. The flag isn't a sure indicator, and since MSA isn't a regional variety, they had to chose a flag and monument from somewhere.


Reference? Plus, South Levantine Arabic (Palestinian and Jordanian) is the easiest one to learn if you know MSA, sounds (there are some shifts though). But MSA everyday!

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I am relieved that it is not as you say. Go MSA!


So ready! I want to learn Arabic ! I tried the Memrise, but Duo is better at getting you off the ground to start learning a language in a way that makes it easier. If not for Duo, I do not think I could have attempted Russian. So I am ready to start the Arabic course.


Believe me, even Duolingo isn't enough for Arabic. Its grammar and spelling are very hard. I recommend everyone to learn Arabic on Duolingo plus buy a textbook or school books (for grammar mainly) and you will be very good in Arabic. (Arabic native here)


Thank you, Exactly. I have been learning Arabic all my life and I still have trouble with it. You cannot even identify any alphabet letters from English. The letters might also be hard to pronounce.


I tried Memrise too! It was good for the alphabet but I stopped there...my mother speaks Arabic though so I know she can help me if the Duolingo course isn't enough. Full respect to the contributors though, there's a lot of eyes on them and the language isn't easy.


OMG. I'm excited!


Ohh thanks for making my day!!٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و


This is very good news indeed! Just out of curiosity, how intelligible are the varieties of Arabic from one another? For example can someone from the Gulf understand someone from Morroco? Thanks in advance and I am very much looking forward to learning Arabic!


My Arabic instructor (from Kuwait) in college told our class the different Arabic "dialects" can vary as much as Portuguese varies from Romanian, but they have Modern Standard to kind of hold it all together and keep the dialects from straying too far.


The Moroccan person should understand the Gulf person more than the other way around, and as long as both people consume pop culture they'd both understand a reasonable amount of Egyptian (possibly some Lebanese as well). Someone from Morocco would have an easier time understanding someone from Algeria/Tunisia. I've never studied it but based on traveling, I've found just basic things like "how are you" and "pretty" are entirely different words, and while everyone understands "thank you" and "you're welcome", there's local ways to say those too. Anyway, I personally hope it's Egyptian :).




Great news, not all hope is lost yet


Yessss!!! So many new contributors, I am excited for this!!!


Yay! I wont be learning Arabic, but I am always excited when a new course comes to Duo!


Awesome! I'm really excited yeeeeees!


Finally! Been waiting aeons for this :) Really hope it is ready by the 1st July, that would be amazing.


it says it was gonna come out at the start of june 2019. that was weeks ago and its not even half way to beta -_- I want to learn Arabic before the send of summer and I was hoping duo could help :(


I studied Arabic in my uni, but I believe Duo would be far better. I'm looking forward to the course, I'm so excited.


I really could have used this when I was in the military... but will be happy to have it soon.


I cannot wait! In my school, (I’m from the USA), we are taught Arabic. I got the pronunciation, but now I can get in depth! TY FOR TELLING THE COMMUNITY!


"The course is going to teach a spoken variety of the language based on Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), though it won't be as formal (or as complex) as traditional MSA."

So, is this gonna be a watered down version of MSA or something? No cases, no alternate pronunciations for words, etc?

Or does "based on MSA" here is referring to a dialect of spoken Arabic? Like Egyptian or something?


Arabic RELEASED ....... in Beta!


I have reached my first owl after three chapters in Arabic and I will continue practicing but I do not see anymore lessons after that. What to do?


Try this website. It helped me a lot when I first started learning Arabic seriously.


It gives grammar lessons in note form, but not just that though. It offers lessons in both Standard and Egyptian Arabic. Some lessons are only for one of the two, but try to learn both since you won't be limited to just one form of the language.

Oh, it also have vocab in both. A lot of it too at that. If you're a beginner in Arabic, I really suggest using this website. While there are some errors in the vocab(typos, you know), it's largely reliable.


I'm enjoying the Arabic for English speakers course. How or where can I suggest an Arabic for Spanish speakers course?

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