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2 ways of translating

I don't know if anyone has already came up with the idea or not of having two kind of translation. Many people here "complains" that the word-by-word translation is not how an english speaking person would say a particular sentence. That's way there should be a word-by-word translation - as it is now and a english version of saying particular sentences or phrases. The word-by word translation is necessary to see how the spanish people express themselves, but an english equivalent of certain phrases would be helpful to understand the spanish expression itself. Maybe it is too much work. I honestly have no idea. Just my two cents.

April 12, 2013

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Not unreasonable since on occasion books provide a more literal translation to help understand a sentence. On the other hand, for many sentences it is going to be too much work for nothing. I think it is better if optional notes could be attached to certain "tricky" translations to help beginners understand and to avoid bad edits.

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