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  5. "कल मंगलवार है।"

"कल मंगलवार है।"

Translation:Tomorrow is Tuesday.

May 4, 2019



Dear Vivian we use Kal in both ways as yesterday and also as tomorrow . So depending on the tense we translate it . For example "Kal me bazaar gaya tha."In this case it means I went to the market yesterday (This was in simple past tense ) . But if I change this sentence "Mujhe kal bazaar jana hai ." It becomes I need to go to the market . So there is a difference between the use of the word .


Why is "yesterday" not being accepted here?


In addition to what Avigat said, Hindi sentences in the present tense like this one are frequently used to talk about the near-future but not the past (just like in English). This is why 'tomorrow' is acceptable but not 'yesterday'.


oh that nice to hear from people who answer the questions

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