"This flower is pretty, but your face is prettier."

Translation:Bunga ini cantik, tapi wajah kamu lebih cantik.

May 4, 2019

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Shouldn't indah be an option too?


Cantik is beautiful/pretty, only used to human being. Indah is beautiful/pretty, used to describe 'non-living beings' like house, stones, clothes, etc.


So how can a flower be cantik then?


Duolingo is wrong. The right translation should be "Bunga itu indah, tapi kamu lebih cantik." Maybe 'cantik' can be used to plants also, but as a native speaker I never use 'cantik' for describing things. Instead I use 'indah' or 'bagus.'


Itu hanya idiom jadi saya pikir kamu bisa pakai cantik di sini. Tidak harus selalu pakai kata literal!


My answer: "kembang" instead of "bunga", and "muka" instead of "wajah" was rejected... (Nov. 2021).

I know "bunga" is more frequently used than "kembang", but "kembang" is a nice collocation when you compare a flower to someone's face. For example, "janda kembang" means "a beautiful widow" (also a title of an Indonesian film).

I also think "muka" should be accepted because "wajah" means "face" or "countenance" whereas "muka" is "face" or "surface". I interpreted the sentence as a comparison of physical appearance.

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