리그가 갑자기 강등되어져 있네요. Why my league was demoted?

저번주에 브론즈에서 실버로 리그를 올려놨는데 1일 전에 확인해보니 실버에서 브론즈로 되어있네요. 리그 종료 날자는 아직 1일 남았구요. 1일 뒤에 골드로 올라갈 생각을 했는데 갑자기 브론즈라니 왜 이런건가요?

Last week my league was promoted to Silver league from Bronze League but yesterday it happened suddenly that my league was returned to Bronze League again. I didn't do anything and I was in top 10 of silver league. I can't understand what's happening in here. In my opinion, I just guess this might be a bug of new system. I dont want to lose my time and my point. So please check this problem.

Thank you.

May 4, 2019

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