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  5. "seven eight nine"

"seven eight nine"

Translation:Soch chorgh Hut

May 4, 2019



Yes. That is why six is afraid of seven!


The joke obviously doesn't work in Klingon. But that brings up the question of which number words are homonyms in Klingon.

cha' two
Also means show, display (picture).

cha'DIch second
Also refers to an aide. Not really a homonym; just a specialized use of cha'DIch.

wej three
Also means not yet.

loS four
Also means wait (for).

jav six
Also a slang term for prisoner (and a pun).

In addition, the words for four through eight, loS, vagh, jav, Soch, chorgh are also the names of the notes in the standard Klingon nonatonic musical scale (the first three names are yu, bIm, and 'egh, and all are puns).

I leave it as an exercise for the reader to construct a joke similar to the original.

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